Young Adult Ministry


Young adult ministry: RADICAL

Ever wonder who you are? If you are strong or beautiful enough? Do you want to find and develop God’s unique plan for your life?
RADICAL is the place where you can learn to find your identity in Jesus Christ and discover His plan for your future.
It’s not about adhering to a bunch of superficial RELIGION, but rather it’s about starting your journey of life with a RELATIONSHIP with the Creator of Life!
Here, you’ll hang out with other students in a safe and fun environment (free from pesky judgment), to learn the WHY and HOW of WHAT God has in store for you – He’s got an awesome, joy-filled plan for your life!
At RADICAL we believe:
    • That YOU ARE AWESOME, just the way God made you!
    • That God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY!
    • That He has a UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND plan and identity for your life!
    • That learning is fun, action-packed and definitely… NOT BORING!
Contact us for more information on how you can be involved in the most RADICAL team in Sydney.
Looking forward to seeing you there!