Mission Statement

To save generation, impact them with the Kingdom of God’s value, change their paradigm, equip their lives and penetrate every sphere of life.
Our Mission is  His Great Commission

Vision Statement

We envision Lighthouse Bethel Church to be a large multicultural church which is dynamic, Spirit-filled and vibrant. An overflow of the true love of Christ that impacts families, the cities and nations in the world.



Core Values 

  • Lordship of Jesus Christ: We believe that the Lordship of Jesus Christ is critical to the Christian walk.
  • Christ-Likeness: We are growing together and depend on the transforming power of God.
  • Servanthood: We are God’s servant who is to have a servant heart. This should be presented both through our commitment to the ministry of the church, as well as in service to others in our daily walk.
  • Relationship: We invest in the lives of others and consider other is more important than ourselves. Also We treat people as if they are a member of our own family with love, respect and trust.
  • Adoration for God: We are to personally encounter God through worship, praise, bible reading, prayer and fasting as a way of life.
  • Unity in Diversity: Our goal is to bridge racial, cultural, gender, socio-economic and generational gaps so as to create a community  where all people  can relate together in a spirit of love and unity.

Target for our people

  • Living like Jesus lived: to have a personal encounter with God and wholly devoted to God’s perfect will.
  • Loving like Jesus loved: to share God’s compassion to everyone but build a special intimate with the closes one.  
  • Serving like Jesus served: to liberate our passion by responding to the needs of others and lovingly reaching people.